Business Headshots

“Your image is crucial to your business”

Let’s get down to business! We will work with you to create images that make your business look great while working inside your visual branding. We believe that if you enjoy the process, you will be happier with the final product. We aim to deliver a relaxed, fun, experience that focuses on quality & efficiency.

Professional Portrait Session Pricing

Custom Headshot Session


1 on 1 professional portrait session at our studio or location of your choice. Perfect for adding as many looks to your professional portfolio, website, social media platform and branding as needed.  Need hair and makeup?  Let us help coordinate this too.  See below for image pricing.

Image Purchase Options

The freedom of choice – an a la carte system for a perfect set of images depending on what you need. We specialize in natural retouching that makes you look like, well, you! Favorite images are individually edited and perfectly retouched by hand.

  • Single Retouched Images ($250/ea.)
    Approachable, authentic & beautiful! Each hand-retouched image is delivered in high resolution.
  • 10 Retouched Images – Most Popular for Branding Sessions ($1900)
    Perfect for content now and in the future.  A great option for creating variety, personality, and client trust!

  • 40 Images+ ($100/image)
    Teams, staff, a year’s worth of content, for the business who wants it all!

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Team & Staff Headshots

“5 or 500 people, WE have you covered!”

Efficiency, empowerment, and engagement. This is our model. We will work with you to create cohesive business branded and professional portraits so that you can focus on what’s really important – growing your business! From online scheduling to on-site viewing, images will be delivered in a convenient and secure gal­lery to ensure everyone has access. Let us do the heavy lifting.

NEW: Ask about our Team & Staff Composits – A perfect solution for growing staff!

Team Portrait Session Pricing

Limited Staff – Needing less than 40 Images


per image

We recommend setting aside 2 hours for shooting time and image selection. Includes 1 image per staff member.  Available in-studio or on location at your office. $350 Booking Fee not included.

Large Staff – Needing more than 40 Images


per image

We recommend setting aside 4 hours for shooting time and image selection. Includes 1 image per staff member or 40 images minimum. Available in-studio or on location at your office. $350 Booking Fee not included.

High Volume Events, Commercial Pricing & Add-Ons

Commercial photography, and events are pricing by 1/2 day and FULL day rates. ALL images are licensed and delivered for business use. marketing, & branding.

  • 1/2 Day ($1990)
    Includes up to 4 hours of shooting. 1/2 day includes all images taken that day and file organization (Event 01.jpg vs. OSC_2843).
  • FULL Day ($3990)
    Includes up to 8 hours of shooting. FULL day includes all images taken that day and file organization (Event 01.jpg vs. OSC_2843).
  • Digital Manipulation ($49/image)
    Background removal. logo manipulation. advanced facial retouching.
    We can do it!

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5 Ways

to Completely Rock Your Headshots

Getting new headshots can be stressful, we get it! With everyone needing professional portraits these days we thought we would address a few of the top pain points we see. Whether you are a professional getting a new LinkedIn profile picture or looking to schedule a luxury beauty session with us (Did you know we do that?!) it is time to rock your session with us! Whatever your purpose, we know from experience that the most successful sessions happen when you come prepared. It is time to look and feel your best, so check out our top 5 tips below!

Everyone gets nervous. Especially when you are in the spotlight! Sometimes it takes a little while to warm up in front of the camera when having your headshot done. Consider our longer session if you think this might be you. The length of your session isn’t the only thing that you might want to manage. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready – bring all your wardrobe choices if you can’t decide. Like a massage, do not bookend your session with other appointments. This will give you the headspace to look amazing. You should walk out of a photo shoot looking and feeling relaxed and energized, not rushed.

Let’s face it, we all have crazy lives – work, family, and many other obligations. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to take care of yourself and we are guilty of the same thing! Make sure that in the two or three days leading up to the session, you do as much as you can to find time to rest. Exercise, deep breathing, eating well, drink plenty of water and in general slowing down are some great ways to relieve stress. Most importantly, rest can make a big difference in how your images turn out. Check out this article from WebMD for some great tips! Your body will thank you!

Have you ever seen a headshot and thought, WOW they are glowing! Eating clean can help you sleep better, increase energy, and give your skin that natural healthy glow! Drink plenty of water and fresh, clean food. Stay away from fried foods, excessive salt and sugar, and alcohol. All these things will help you get a good night’s sleep, leaving you feeling like a million bucks! We recommend starting the week leading up to your headshots. Check out this article from Everyday Health on foods that can give you healthier-looking skin.
Wardrobe choices are some of the most important AND asked about questions we get! Remember, for professional portraits, what you wear on a day-to-day basis isn’t always the right choice. In general, solid, complimenting colors, work the best. Colors that accent and compliment YOU as the focus is a great rule of thumb. This means, no distracting patterns and stark contrasting colors. When picking your colors think about your brand and be deliberate with the message you are trying to convey. Finally, if you need more help – CALL US! We love helping everyone look amazing and we have a ton of ideas!

When in doubt, let us know! We want you to walk away IN LOVE with your headshots! Make sure to communicate your expectations. If there is something specific you have in mind, show us. We are visual people and it’s helpful for us if you see something you love versus trying to explain it, no matter where you find them. Start a conversation early. Be descriptive on the style, the mood, the lighting, and the posing. That kind of feedback can get everyone on the same page and help ensure that you will love the results. Need some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board here!

“What a SPECTACULAR adventure! Not only was this a truly dynamic duo. They took time, energy and joy in making this a happy stress free event. I’m overjoyed at the photos! Thank you so much Kate and Chad! Love them!”

Jessica Johnson

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Corporate office space photography is available upon request. Contact us for pricing and more details.