How often is enough for family portraits? We get this question a lot. Here at Cooley Portraits, we focus on tangible, physical portraits, and people often wonder how often they should see us. Every year? Every 3 years? The truth is, it all depends on your stage of life! The important part of capturing memories is to document your milestones:

  • Birth
  • 1yr-10yr
  • Tween
  • Teen
  • Senior Year
  • College
  • Weddings
  • Pregnancy
  • Etc…

Meet the Hughes Family

Deanna and Brian wanted to capture their family together while one of their sons and his wife were in town from Colorado. When all of your kids are in town, you take advantage of the opportunity (see our extended family post).

We met up with the Hughes family at the amazing Pearl and were warmly welcomed by them and their fur babies. We don’t know about y’all, but we LOVE when families include their animals! We just have to say, we aren’t sure we have seen a better-behaved pack of pooches than these 3! Literally off-leash for over half the time, AT THE PEARL!


One unique thing about our session experiences is that we love to combine milestones and important events, like families getting all together.  With Jacob being a senior this year, we had to document this stage of his life.  We cannot wait to install the Hughes’ beautiful new maple framed cotton print and deliver a portrait memory box worth 1,000 stories!



Did you know we don’t limit the amount of time on-location with you and your family?  Yup, that’s right—we pre-plan our goals to match your vision.  This ensures a stress-free experience versus a 20 minute rushed, “hope we got it” session. We’re here to navigate this progression and plan out how to display these seasons of life. Whether it be in gallery walls or albums, we are here to meet you where you are during these stages.

What milestone are you at right now? Don’t miss this opportunity—let’s get together! Contact us today!