Life is fun. It’s messy. It’s filled with love and beautiful growth. Sometimes it can be hard and sometimes it can be amazing. Each day we are blessed to be invited to peek into our clients’ most intimate story—their life as a family.

Meet the Higgs Family

Enter Amber and Travis. From real estate to mortgages to blogger (@imperfectibles) to parents, they are an absolute power team! They have 4 amazing kids, and we have had the pleasure of preserving some of their most cherished moments, from newborn to graduating senior.

One of the things we love about this family is their dedication and the emphasis they put on family. It is outrightly displayed for friends and family to see. The moment you come over (don’t forget to take your shoes off or you will be met with a mop and bucket ????), you peer through windows of memories—beautiful heirloom prints lining halls and walls documenting seasons of life as their family continues to grow.

Here’s where our challenge began!

How do you commission a unique piece of art for a family that stands up to so many other moments that mean just as much to them?! Where will it hang? How big will it be? What will it look like? Will it be a part of a collection like we have done in the past, or will it stand on its own as a statement piece? How do we blend old décor with Amber’s updated style? Are we ringing any bells for how you might be feeling right now at the thought of updating YOUR family portraits?

NOT to worry!

We handle all these details! From design sessions and artwork planning to installation, we have it all covered! It is one of the things we do best!  We work together to create timeless pieces that incorporate with your home and your style. We listen!

We are more than a photography studio.  We are designers, helping each client to love and remember this experience of documenting this season of life. Forever. It’s these values and assistance that we bring to the table with every family because we know this is the most treasured part of your lives.

Follow this amazing family on their blog! The story of their “imperfect family following the only perfect one, Jesus, through life.”  @Imperfectibles

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